Mother nature in all her wonder and mystery is quite an amazing sight to behold and feel, but sometimes her embrace can be a little demanding and inconvenient for we humans. These inconveniences can often come in the form of heat.

Heat is great for a number of reasons, but sometimes can be overbearing to experience. Like most situations we face, we tackle it with the aid of technology, and the case of heat some equipment used to tackle this issue are fans and air-conditioners.

Fans and air conditioners are great ways to assist with indoor cooling but what about outdoor cooling systems?

This is where misting kits come in. Misting kits ae a great way of cooling your outdoor environments with the aid of pressurized water and sometimes fans.

Some of the areas around the home where misting kits are usually utilized are at patios.

What are patio misting kits?

As the name outlines, a patio misting kit is a misting kit that is designed to work effectively in keeping the patio portion of the house warm. Patio misting kits are usually applied as roof fittings and can often be assembled and disassembled at will.

Patio misting kits make use of water as their Primary usage material and can use water from direct sources or personal tanks depending on their design.

How much water do Patio misting kits use?

Patio misting kits make use of personalized tanks of water to use water directly from water sources. That said, understanding the amount of water used all balls down to a number of factors such as the number of nozzles, usage rate, and the type of nozzle.

                The number of nozzles.

The number of nozzles present in the patio misting kit translates to more exit points, which would in turn amount to more water being released simultaneously. Simply put, the more nozzles that are being used, the more water you are also expected to use.

                Usage rate.

Another factor that comes to play in determining the amount of water used by your patio misting kit would use. It simply putting tow and tow together as it uses water to operate, which can be easily translated to using for long periods means more water.

                Type of nozzle.

The type of nozzle in use also factors into the amount of water that you would consume.

Are patio misting kits affordable?

Patio misting kits usually come at less than the $500 mark which is an amazing deal. Their prices are usually reliant on tools present in the kit, quality, and size among other factors. You can even get kits for as low as $200. It all depends on your budget, purpose of use, and area of coverage.


The patio misting kit is an amazing tool to use especially during the warm weather, are you looking to get yourself one? then reach out to us here at cool-off as we have misting kits to suit your every need.