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The sewer line in your Lodi CA home helps in removing wastewater and sewage from the house. When clogs like debris, paper, tree roots, grease, hair, food particles, or sludge, find their way into the sewer line, they accumulate and block the free flow of wastewater and sewage. The result of this is a damaged, broken, or clogged sewer.

Damaged sewer lines can make your home and its surroundings messy due to a sewage spill. In fact, this can cause diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and other waterborne diseases. Hence, the moment you notice that your sewer line is damaged, the best thing to do is to call on an expert contractor that provides excellent sewer repair in Lodi CA. Awesome Lawsons Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is the perfect contractor to get the job done.

Signs of Damaged Sewer Line

Damage sewer line can make living in your home uncomfortable and unbearable. Some signs of sewer damage include:

  1. Wastewater or sewer spill
  2. Bad odor and sewer smell from the sewer line and drain pipes.
  3. The plumbing system will begin to make burbling noises.
  4. Your surroundings become waterlogged.
  5. Monthly water bills will rise exorbitantly.

Once you notice any of the above in your sewer line, call on our experts at Awesome Lawsons Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to help fix the issue. We provide well-detailed and highly professional sewer repair in Lodi CA. Within a short period, we will fix the problem and get your sewer line back to optimum working condition.

Reliable Provider of Sewer Repair Services in Lodi CA

Awesome Lawsons Plumbing & Drain Cleaning remains your reliable provider of plumbing, sewer repair, and drains cleaning services. We aim to offer you excellent plumbing and sewer repairs that give 100% customer satisfaction. We can repair damaged sewer lines in both residential and commercial buildings. No matter the complexities or constraints involved, we will get the job done excellently and promptly.

To continue delivering excellent services, we work with a reliable team of qualified, competent, skilled sewer repair experts. Our professional team has been put through intensive training on how to repair minor and major sewer issues. Our team now have a broad knowledge of underground plumbing system of a lot of residential and commercial buildings within Lodi CA community.

What’s more, our team will use advanced sewer repair techniques coupled with their skill and years of experience to fix the problem with your sewer line. We also provide emergency sewer repairs. We will work round the clock to repair your damaged sewer line. We remain the ideal contractor you can count on to offer you the very best of sewer repair in Lodi CA.

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Is the sewer line in your home damaged? Contact us today at Awesome Lawsons Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. Our experts will be available to respond to your call promptly and get the issue fixed. Our sewer repair in Lodi CA is very affordable. Be assured that your newly repaired sewer will serve you for years to come.

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